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Our Story

I've always been inspired by the cyclical trends in fashion. Growing up my mom always said, "Styles come back every 20-30 years." That stuck with me.

Cutting Jeans

Renewing the Old

Vintage clothing, reworked to fit modern day trends.

85% of donated clothing ends up incinerated or in landfills. In NYC alone, this comes to about 400 million pounds thrown away annually. REWORKED wants to reverse the waste created by the fashion industry. We buy donated goods from local thrift stores and accept donations from our REWORKED community to give them a new life. 

Meet the Designer

Nicole Angela Anes


I have always been inspired by the cyclical trends in fashion. Growing up my mom always said styles come back every 20-30 years, so she kept her favorite pieces from her 20s and 30s in hopes that I could wear them one day.


It was my junior year of high school when high waisted shorts came back in style. I asked if she had any old clothes I could look through and she gave me a bin. In that bin I ended up finding the most amazing vintage Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin jean shorts. I cut them, cuffed them and reworked them to fit me and the modern day version of the trend. There is just something so fun about making something new out of something old. Since then, I’ve always loved thrift shopping and seeing the potential in the weirdest or most simple pieces.


Fast forward to my senior year of college when I learned how harmful the fast-fashion industry is on the environment. I was shocked to hear large retailers, and even donation centers, were forced to burn their excess inventory or bury it in landfills. There had to be a better here's where REWORKED comes in. We buy back unwanted clothing from donation centers, rework them, and find them a new home.


We hope you find some fun pieces to give a new loving home through REWORKED:)

Clothes Donation

How to Donate:

Email for donation inquiries!

Donate your old clothes to REWORKED and watch us give them a new life!

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